Telecontinent ventures into insurance industry

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Kuala Lumpur, October 2012 – Telecontinent Sdn Bhd (TCSB) adds another notch in the categories of industries that it is serving, this time being the insurance industry. This month sees TCSB launching 2 insurance telesales programs back-to-back, where one is for a multinational and the other is a leading domestic insurance service provider. 

Although the insurance market may seem to be saturated, there are still segments not fully tapped that presents growth opportunities for those with the right product offer. One of the programs offers Life Insurance product that provides benefits for hospitalisation, monthly living allowance and compassionate allowance.  The other program offers its Takaful product that provides benefits for cases caused by accidents such as hospital stay benefits, death and total and permanent disability. There is no conflict of interest for TCSB in serving these two clients as they are targeting different market segments with different product benefits.

This new venture marks a milestone in TCSB’s history as it reflects the capabilities of the company to deliver and operate in such a demanding environment. The financial sector is known for having strict regulations and guidelines which is closely monitored by the Central Bank. To service this industry, a company must adhere to the same strict standards that are placed on the financial institutions.

Prior to signing the agreements with these new clients, TCSB went through a stringent review by both parties to evaluate its IT, operational and managerial capabilities. Both parties have found that TCSB meets all the criteria set upon it as an outsourcing partner. According to TCSB’s Managing Director, Hizam Ghazali, the company has made several capital investments to ensure that the IT infrastructure meets the requirements of this sector. It was also necessary to source for the right talent pool as this was one of the critical success factors for these two projects. “With the best combinations in place, we are confident of delivering our promise of bringing our clients further” said Hizam.

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