Telecontinent Launched Reader’s Digest’s Telecollection Centre

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Kuala Lumpur, June 2012 – Telecontinent Sdn Bhd (TCSB) has successfully launched a telecollection centre here for its new client, Reader’s Digest (RD). RD has signed a one year deal with TCSB to operate and manage its telecollection centre for the Malaysian market.

Under the agreement, the centre will collect payment on behalf of RD for customers who fall under the categories of bad debt and default payment. Customers who fall in any of these categories will receive a call from the centre prompting them to make their due payment. Payment can be made immediately over the phone with a credit card, or through other methods such as cheque, bank draft, money order, postal order or online payment via RD’s website.

Outsourcing is not a new strategy for RD as it has outsourced other functions to other service providers before. As a multi-national company (MNC), RD believes that customised service is what its customers are looking for rather than a standardised experience. With presence in major markets all over the world, it is important for RD to be able to connect with the individual customers it is serving. A local service provider with market expertise and knowledge would be better equipped to deliver this form of customisation. As it was, TCSB met the requirements that RD had in mind and became the right choice when it came to delivery partner selection.

The centre is ready to meet the challenges set out by RD in this market with its team of fully trained agents. In the first week of operations, it has shown remarkable results in achieving its monthly collection target. According to the project manager of the centre, a percentage of RD’s customers who were contacted paid up immediately stating reasons such as “forgot to pay” or “technical errors in the payment”.

Overall, the outlook for the project looks promising and has potential to develop further in the long run. Going by the performance of the centre, RD has indicated interest to grow with TCSB as an outsourcing partner. Plans are already being discussed on additional functions which can be outsourced to TCSB with the possibility of serving other countries within the ASEAN region.

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