Technical Support



No matter how far we’ve advanced in science and technology, there will always be glitches in the products and services that customers subscribe to. Even at the hands of a highly trained professional, there will still be issues along the way when it comes to the usage of the goods. Comfort doesn’t come from thinking that the product or service is perfect, it’s in knowing that if any issue does arise it will be quickly and efficiently resolved.

It takes a different skill set to be able to problem solve issues over the phone. For this purpose, we have pooled together talents with specific experience and background who have the right knowledge base and the ability that is required to carry out this complex task. To increase the effectiveness of their duty, we have trained them to be experts at communicating complex issues over the phone with customers who may not be as technically inclined as them.

And, to ensure that calls are properly managed, we have in place systems and processes so that calls can be recorded and tracked until they are resolved to the customers’ satisfaction.

Our technical support solutions covers:

  • Level 1, 2, 3 remote technical support
  • Escalation handling
  • Corporate help desk support
  • Warrant and post-warrant support