Customer Service


Customer Service, Outsourcing


Every customer has a reason for contacting an organisation and has certain expectations on the response they will receive. Whether it’s an inquiry on products and services or complaint management, the customer wants to have the comfort of knowing that they are well taken care of.

To give them this comfort level, we train our talents to be knowledgeable in the products and services being offered, professional in the manner queries are answered and emphatic towards the needs of each customer. And, to ensure that calls are properly managed, we have in place systems and processes so that calls can be recorded and tracked until they are resolved to the customers’ satisfaction.

Maintaining relationship with the customer is another aspect where we can offer our expertise. We can manage campaigns to welcome new customers, to announce festive greetings and to inform them of current promotions. This can be conducted either by a ‘live’ person or via automated voice recordings.

Our customer service solutions covers:

  • Welcome calls
  • Customer service
  • Enquiry hotline
  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Net promoter scoring
  • Front desk service